's-Hertogenbosch, a centrally located city

's-Hertogenbosch is a centrally located city in the Netherlands. The city facilitates around 40.000 travellers per day, and is therefore referred to as the 'connecting city of the Netherlands'. 's-Hertogenbosch' Central Station is known for its remarkable windows and typical shapes. 's-Hertogenbosch wants to provide travellers with as much comfort as possible. This means the city offers transportation from and to transferiums, it has bike rental places, certified taxis, and even offers a free inner city bus.

Trainstations in 's-Hertogenbosch

Inner city bus

's-Hertogenbosch has a free inner city bus. This bus drops you off and picks you up at fixed stops. The stops are clearly visible, and even the bus is easily recognisable. The inner city bus is available between 09:00 and 19:00 hours, every day. The inner city bus drives through the city centre every fifteen minutes, which makes it possible to hop on the bus from the train or inter-urban buses.

Bossche Taxi quality label BTx

's-Hertogenbosch has a 'Taxikeurmerk' (taxi quality label) for all taxi drivers who offer transportation on public roads. All drivers with this label guarantee quality and safety. The quality label BTx is provided by the Stichting Bossche Kwaliteits Taxi (Foundation for Bossche quality taxis).

Tour buses

Are you visiting 's-Hertogenbosch with a large group of people, and will you be coming to the city with a tour bus? Than please read the following information carefully. We have outlined the most practical issues for you. For instance, the Parade is the best location for dropping off and picking up visitors with a tour bus. Would you like to park the tour bus for several hours? Than go to the parking area at Treurenburg just outside the city centre. This area is designed for truck traffic. Looking for short stay parking? Than go to Transferium De Vliert at the border of the city. All information about parking, routes, and picking up and dropping off visitors can be found in this document.