The Binnendieze

The river Binnendieze has always been an important river to the city. 's-Hertogenbosch was founded as a small walled city, the size of the present Market square and some surrounding alleys. Later, the city was walled again, this time as big as the current city centre. The rivers within the city walls where named the Binnendieze. The Binnendieze was used for water supply, as a washing and fishing area, but also as a dump. Up until 40 years ago, the river used to be an open sewer. By constructing a sewage system, the Binnendieze slowly disappeared. This was prevented in 1972 by proclaiming the Binnendieze as protected city area. The water underneath the city is now one of the most important historical attractions of 's-Hertogenbosch. You can cruise down the Binnendieze from April - October.

Cruise down the Binnendieze

Sailing through the small water alleys, you will find the most beautiful spots of the historical city centre. The guide will tell you all about the beginning and the restoration of the walls and overpasses. After passing the Kruisbroedershekel, you will sail out of the fortified town and enter the Singelgracht. After this, you will sail through the Grote Hekel where the tour within the city walls is continued. Are you a fan of some excitement? Choose of the tours that goes through the Hellegat, a dark, small, and exciting overpass. Are you ready? 

Learn about the Binnendieze