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You can never have enough of the typical Brabantse culture. Would you like to experience it to the fullest? Than visit one of the surrounding areas of 's-Hertogenbosch: Het Groene Woud and De Maashorst. These areas will complete your trip to Brabant. Are you a big fan of nature, or would you rather visit cultural attractions? Quickly visit Het Groene Woud or De Maashorst and immerse yourself in the Brabantse culture.

Het Groene Woud

Het Groene Woud is a beautiful national park, located between Eindhoven, Tilburg and 's-Hertogenbosch. Het Groene Woud has the perfect combination of nature and culture.

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De Maashorst

De Maashorst is the biggest joint national park of Noord-Brabant. The national park is spread across the municipalities of Bernheze, Landerd, Oss and Uden, and has around 3,500 acres of beautiful nature.

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